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3 Ways Temporary Staffing Relieves Stress for Students

As Summer comes to an end Fall is just around the corner. Many students who flood the staffing industry during the summer months will be heading back to school come September. This means many permanent positions will be left as students dedicate their focuses to studying.

Working a full-time job while attending full-time courses in university or college and maintaining a high GPA is extremely challenging. Hence, why many students save their money during the summer months for when they inevitably quit their job starting fall.

However, many students don’t know the option of Temporary or part-time staffing. Temp work relieves stress in many ways:

  • Flexibility: You choose your hours and the days you work! Have an exam in two days and need the evening to study? No problem! You have evening shifts and can only work in the morning? No problem! You don’t have a car and can’t drive to the job? No Problem, we will set you up with the transit directions from your home to the job!
  • Accountability: Once you graduate post-secondary you will inevitably be searching for a job. An employer will see that you have worked consistently throughout your schooling and it makes you a much more desirable candidate.
  • Lucratively: Sometimes unexpected expenses occur that you can’t foresee in your yearly budget. Need an extra $500 to get you through the month? No problem, just pick up a couple of shifts no stress!

We are more than happy to work with the busy schedule of students to find you the right fit! If you have any questions about Temporary staffing and how to sign up call us at 1(855)-799-TEMP


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