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Life Hacks: How to Maintain a Positive and Productive Lifestyle

Create a Budget: Look at your spending habits, are you spending more than you are making? What are your major costs and can you cut them? Try to create your own personal budget at the beginning of the month and then check again at the end to see how you did… Adjust it from there!

Time-Management: Whether you choose to use a calendar, an agenda, or your phone/devices make sure you are keeping track of your time; what are you doing with your spare hours? Are you keeping track of due dates and time schedules at work/school? Are you making time for yourself to practice your hobbies or just have some downtime?

Keeping Active: Working out releases endorphins and serotonin, which uplifts your mood. We know that working a stressful job with long hours can make it difficult to find the time to work out. We suggest (if you can) switching to standing at your desk for 30 minutes a day and walking up and down the stairs a few times at work on your lunch break.

Sleep: Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. This may seem impossible sometimes but do your best! If you have a difficult time falling asleep try taking a hot shower before bed or drinking a non-caffeinated tea. Consistently working out will help produce healthy sleeping habits as your body will be tired.

Eating Right: Creating a healthy meal plan will eliminate unnecessary unhealthy snacking. Once you get used to a meal plan it will become a habit, your body and mind will thank you for eating right! Have a grocery list before you go to the store, this will cut out impulse purchases. However, give yourself a cheat meal here and there. We all deserve a treat!

Goals/Incentives: Save up for something you really want even if it may seem unachievable: such as, a nice new car. If you have an incentive for budgeting it gives you a goal to reach. Once you have a set goal in mind it is a lot easier to achieve it!

Motivation: Find what motivates you! Whether that may be inspirational quotes, talking to someone you admire, researching accomplished people, volunteering, etc.

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