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Tips and Tricks for Building your Career

How to build your career:
– Get jobs in different fields: give yourself the opportunity to be experienced in several different areas.
– Do an internship or a lower-level position to get your foot in the door.
– Making lateral moves isn’t necessarily bad: don’t be afraid to move around in a company into different departments. When you build up your experience you are becoming a more desirable candidate.
– Build up your LinkedIn: keep your LinkedIn up to date. Make sure you are connecting with others in the business world and build up your connections. Tip: send personal notes after meeting people.
– Keep in touch with your connections: whether they are from school or an old job, it is so important to keep in touch and never burn a bridge!
– Frequently read blogs and news articles in the field you want to go into: keep yourself informed and educated.
– Start a personal blog: you can show this in interviews as an example of your writing skill level.
– Prepare for your interviews: know how you’re going to answer questions and have examples to back it up.
– Don’t be discouraged if you are applying for a job that you may not have enough experience for: if you can wow them with your personality and your ability to have the required skills, you may just get the job!

Interviews are difficult, even for the most qualified and experienced people; you have a small window to communicate and sell your skills, qualifications, and personality to the interviewer.

How do you answer the inevitable interview question, “Tell us about yourself”?

The recruiter is not asking this to gain knowledge about your personal hobbies (unless they are related to the job) so don’t go off on a tangent about your pottery skills! They want to know about your education and experience. Once again, only describe relevant experience (your childhood paper route is most likely irrelevant). Tie it in with why you’re interested in working for the company. It’s okay to get a little personal if you can bring it back to the job you’re interviewing for!

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