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What Key Skills Make you Employable?

When acquiring a new job, it is difficult to differentiate yourself from the other job candidates. However, sometimes it’s less what makes you unique and more what makes you qualified. If a candidate has the most desirable and fundamental skills, an employer is more likely to hire them because they are trainable.

The Fundamental Skills

1. Communication:
i. Able to relay and share information in a variety of different forms (email, text message, power point, excel, word)
ii. Can clearly verbalize their thoughts in a descriptive and logical manner
iii. Proficient in writing
iv. Capable of understanding and reading information presented in a range of forms

2. Think and Solve Problems
i. Easily identifies problems, accesses them, and solves them in a timely manner
ii. Able to view a situation from many points of view
iii. Is innovative in problem solving
iv. Can identify the core issue of the problem
v. Capable of implementing the solution
vi. Follows up and checks the implementation process

3. Works well with Numbers
i. Can logically understand budgeting and the importance of ROI (return on investment)
ii. Easily makes estimates and correct calculations
iii. Uses the accurate methods and technology to record data
iv. Understands what is necessary to measure

4. Adaptability
i. Multitask with numerous projects
ii. Works well independently or in a team
iii. Responds positively to change
iv. Learns from mistakes and is receptive to feedback
v. Manages uncertainty

5. Responsible
i. Able to successfully balance work and personal life
ii. Sets personal and work related goals
iii. Can practically access and manage risk
iv. Is socially responsible with in the community (volunteers)
v. Takes accountability for one’s actions

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